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Brett A. Bailey, aka “Sleezy” or “Alex Styles” from ODoz. Shouts out Prep Jerks.

Man I can really appreciate when a member of a crew shouts us out. At 3:17 seconds of this video we get a shout out from Brett, I can say this, if he needs help from us he can just ask. This is how great shit starts, people helping people get ahead. Good looking Sleezy!, if you need links or promo on our shit you got it. Shout out to Three-1-zero, Casey-V, Digital Girth everyone. Here is the link to ODoz. Myspace Bowties and Rosaries We fucks with ya!

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Sito on August 30th 2008 in Media’s interview with Married to the Mob…

Look we are not haters, we want every clothing company to come up in this game. I was on and watched this video of the owner of Married to the MOB Leah she is just like us. Like she is low key kinda hood but still “upiddy” which is cool. She worked out of the crib and all that, which is dope. She bangs on all other female street wear brands in the beginning, i was laughing at that shit. I think female street wear is essential to the industry because some girl, regardless of how cute they are, like tough shit and are not all soft and sweet. here is the Video from

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Sito on August 29th 2008 in Random

DJ J-Rocc

I just looked up this DJ and he is the deal, just listen to his mix. I Listen to a lot of music but not really DJ’s, except for DJ khaled but hes is all over the damn place and his voice does not match his look. check out this video and make your own decision but i fuck with DJ J-Rocc

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Sito on August 27th 2008 in Media

Whos The Master?

This movie brings back so may memories. Shit is hands down a classic. R.I.P. Julius J.Carry III, aka Sho’nuff. Julius died at 56 due to complications from pancreatic cancer on Tuesday in his Studio City, CA home.

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Mitch on August 22nd 2008 in Random

How to change ram on a MAC and save $$$

I found this today wile browsing the net, good info for tight wad, cheap ass MAC users.. Like me:

With the onslaught of new Intel Macs and the dual Windows/Mac possibilities offered by programs like Parallels and Boot Camp, a lot of Windows users have been tempted to make the switch to a Mac – if not for those hefty price tags.

While there’s no easy way to bring down the starting price of a new Mac, there are ways to save money if you’re looking to go top-of-the-line on extras, specifically memory. For example, when I bought my MacBook Pro last month, I saved over $300 by upgrading the RAM myself, a process requiring only a few minutes. Here’s how I did it.

First of all, a quick glance at the economics: The bargain basement MacBook Pro from Apple will set you back $1,999.00 with 512MB of RAM (hardly enough for a system running OS X, in my opinion). To really boost the power, I grabbed 2 x 1GB sticks of RAM from Newegg, which cost around $170. Had I ordered the 2GB RAM upgrade from Apple, the price of my MBP would have jumped $500.

Seems ridiculous for a five minute procedure and some cheap RAM, right? Apple’s documentation for upgrading your MacBook Pro’s memory should give you a pretty good idea of what’s involved, but if you’re still not convinced that upgrading the RAM yourself is doable, check out the video I made of my upgrade. (Music courtesy of Rayza via CCHits)

It really is that easy. In the off chance that you get everything back together and your MBP isn’t booting up, you probably didn’t get the memory pushed in all the way – open it up and make sure. Oh, and remember to unplug your computer before attempting any of this.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of just how simple the upgrade process is. If the MacBook Pro isn’t your cup of tea, you can also follow these official Apple instructions on how to upgrade the RAM on your:

* MacBook [PDF Alert]
* Mac Pro[PDF Alert]

Since I couldn’t find a guide from Apple for upgrading a Mac Mini’s RAM from Apple, here’s a good-looking tutorial for doing so.

For me, the cheap upgrade to the full 2GB of onboard RAM made the MacBook Pro a much more viable option. The Apple premium can definitely be hard to swallow, so when you make a purchase that big, every dollar you save feels pretty good. Adam Pash-

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Sito on August 14th 2008 in DIY

I got sand in my shoes…

Man This month has been a douzy (spell check), so my Brother kidnapped me and took me to the Beach, Santa Monica to be more specific. Now I do not normally like the beach but you see some crazy stuff there. This dude had 50 pigeons around him and the two special ones were eating out of his hand. I love my city. Crazy shit everyday.

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Sito on August 14th 2008 in Day in L.A.

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough
(OCTOBER 5, 1957-AUGUST 9, 2009)

Bernie Mac died early Saturday morning of complications due to pneumonia, his publicist said. Mac, 50, had been hospitalized for about a week at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, according to his spokeswoman. A few years ago, Mac disclosed that he suffered from sarcoidosis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in tissue, most often in the lungs. -
Yeah that is some weak shit right there, i was just watching his old videos on youtube. He was a great comedian and role model for our generation. I will miss his funny ass….
“I want some Milk and Cooookies” -Bernie Mac

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Sito on August 9th 2008 in Day in L.A.

Autobots, Roll Out!

Look its Optimus prime, he never was really good at hiding, especially after Transformers Box Office revenue reached $453 Million Worldwide..fucking nuts. Hey look there’s another autobot, well maybe not but it does look pretty good minus the chrome mud flaps and pop out tires.

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Sito on August 9th 2008 in Random

August 9th!

As promised our ‘08 summer/fall shirts are officially up for grabs. Head over to the shop section to check out what’s available. And if you’ve seen some shirt that aren’t available at the present time thats because we can’t give away ALL the goods. Stay tuned , they’ll be available at a later date!

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Mitch on August 9th 2008 in Fashions

Don’t act cheap, Tip the valet guys!

We went to the LV for my home boy J-ton’s birthday, well of course you have to valet your car. I tell you this once and only once, they have a parking spot for the people who don’t tip.

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Sito on August 8th 2008 in Random