“Defy the Conventional, Go against the Grain”

The beginning of Prep Jerks was back in 2005 when all the people that were associated with them began to understand that the normal way of dressing for people in Los Angeles was obsolete. A plain white “T” and Baggy over sized jeans, they felt like they were being Robbed of their freedom to be different and they were not alone. The day The “Prep Jerk” crew decided to go against the mainstream pattern of street wear they were ridiculed, insulted and disrespected but since they knew what level they were on, I guess, it didn’t even matter. They were the “Prep Jerks”, the well-dressed stylish cats nobody liked but everybody admired “ You could love us or hate us either way it’s an obsession”-Prep Jerks. So from there on out the Prep Jerks dedicated themselves to creating styles that if your not bold enough don’t “rock it”, if your not elevated high enough don’t “buy it”, but if your ready to “Get Noticed” then we can supply it.

Prep jerks are people who feel very strongly that they are different. When they see people that have not yet elevated themselves they sense that they are thinking and living the conventional way of life. Prep Jerks are true deifiers of what is the “norm”. When you cant help to be unique, when you cant stop creative blood from pumping in your veins we are ready for you.

“Because cheap shirts aren’t good, and good shirts aren’t cheap”or


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