Prep Jerks are people who receive good grades or excel in intelligent activities but will still give you the attitude needed to aggressively contend in a world that is not always forgiving. We go hard or go home.

We at The Prep Jerks are really stepping it up this season; as you can see the website has been upgraded and the new designs are major. Our company is evolving and maturing into a stronger compound. We are not your average company, not to toot our own horn but we possess different swagger than our competitors We are not merely a clothing company, we are more like a network of individuals that do everything needed in order to make success possible. What does our network consist of? We have web designers, photographers, graphic designers, models, muscle car builders, and well you get the idea. We are ready to tackle whatever challenges we face next, especially when they are coming from within, and we challenge each other so we can never get comfortable.

The Prep Jerks began in 2005 when all the people that were associated with us began to understand that the conventional way of dressing for people in Los Angeles was obsolete. A plain white t-shirt and baggy over sized jeans felt confined and tacky. We felt like we were being robbed of our freedom to be different, and we were not alone.

The day the Prep Jerks decided to go against the mainstream pattern of street wear we were ridiculed, insulted and disrespected. However, since they knew what level they were on, it truly didn’t matter. We are the Prep Jerks, the well-dressed stylish cats nobody liked but everybody admired. “You could love us or hate us either way it’s an obsession” – Prep Jerks. From then on out the Prep Jerks are dedicated to create styles that are creative and eclectic. If you’re not bold enough don’t rock it, if your not elevated high enough don’t buy it, but if you’re ready to get noticed then we can supply it.