VIBE Concert in Riverside

We attended the small, yet, packed event at VIBE in riverside. Verbs, Three1Zero, Feo and Dana La Rock were scheduled to perform for a pretty size-ly crowd but the show got cut a little short. We had a great time dancing with the “PAX” fraternity girls, drinking very well mixed drinks and listening to good music. Performance of the night has to go to Three1Zero, not only did he bless the crowd with a brand new unreleased track “Rollin Down La Brea” but he spit the entire third verse to “Money Hungry Bitches” acapella he really performed like no other night. The end of the night was hands down, the funniest drunk moment for me. We left the event and we kicked some chicks car for being extra anti social all night (the kick was like a joke kick, you could kick a baby with the same force and he will be fine). So after we jump in the car and pull off the chicks are in front of us doing a “U” turn, we roll the window down and we were talking a little shit back and forth nothing major. All of a sudden the girl driving came up flying up, gets over into the third lane and jumps back over in front of us and then back to the second lane. Little did they know, the cops were right behind us the whole time and saw them driving erratically and pulled them over right as the cops hit the lights we rolled the windows down and began laughing at them. drunk asshole moments to be remembered. The pictures from the night are after the jump.

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