Yes Ma’am Presented by Shake The Hand

M.I.A and Anthony at the “Yes Ma’am Event in Santa Monica, great night of fun, dope performances, fashion, and drinks.
Make some fucking noise!!!-Dana La Rock
Check it out…


So we jumped on the freeway and attended the Yes Ma’am lounge party/fashion show/Hip-Hop event in Santa Monica today. It was a really cool spot, my girl Dana La Rock came through and put down a sweet performance for us, she actually performed on the VIP lounge chairs right in front of the DJ booth. I was pretty upset because they didn’t have the right lighting for her but there was nothing I could do about it but write a comment on it. The place was packed and there was plenty of alcohol to go around, the vibe was dope because there were so many races in the building a plus for me. You, well, I don’t like to party with the same folks, I want it mixed. What’s really crazy is, A young lady hit me up on Myspace, lets call her M.I.A for now, she actually sent me a message asking for a shirt but we sold out of her size, so I told her I will let her know when we get more. We get to the event and guess who I see, M.I.A chilling with her boyfriend. I could not believe it, like what are the chances, I did not know her at all and I got to meet her in person, very dope shit. We also met Pistol Pistol, an up and coming band. Cool guys, really chill, social people they stopped me because of my “Timmy’s”, we chatted for a minute I introduced them to my man Three-1-Zero and that was all she wrote. Julian from F2d was also in the building. Over all it was a great day, I was happy to experience it.

2 Responses to “Yes Ma’am Presented by Shake The Hand”

  1. dana la rock responded on 21 Dec 2008 at 8:41 am #

    LMAO @ the girl chugging the beer bottle! I did NOT see her.

  2. M.I.A BABY!! responded on 22 Dec 2008 at 5:52 pm #

    its M.I.A. BABY!!! DON’T FOGET THE BABY! lol your such a nerd!! let me know about the t-shirt though..whenever you get more!

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