Westchester High School’s Celebrity Basketball Game

I attended the WHS celebrity basketball game and I really had a great time. Here are a few shots from the event.

There were plenty of old friends showing love to the school that gave them the education to get them where they are or might not be today. I was actually surprised, there were real celebs playing ball, D-Ray (wild’n out), Columbus Short (stomp the yard), Marcus Watson (WHS..lol), Brandon Watson (Philadelphia Phillies), The Professor (And 1), Razby (B2K) and Red (the really funny comedian) to name a few. The game was actually good, it was close through out the entire game, and ended in over time 98-96. D-Ray can play ball, he was putting up points the entire game, so hats off to him for putting on a good show.

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  1. Fresh responded on 02 Jan 2009 at 3:57 pm #

    Glad to see yall covered the game. I didnt make it this year. I see Breeze in there.

    Whats good PrepJerks? Hope the grind pays off tremendously in 09.

    Happy new year folks.

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