Mariscos Frescos-Restaurant Ensenada

This place makes really good food..


We attended this really chill event in downtown earlier this month, had a drink or two, then we headed for the car. On the way my brother from another mother James (the guy with the El Co on crates) said “We need to get something to eat” and Low and Behold there was this very small eatery. Mariscos Ensenada is the spot to hit when you want really fresh authentic food, the owner Yolanda will serve you with great hospitality. The first time we ate the camera was no where to be found so I had to go back for some pictures and food. They are so reasonably priced, we ate fresh home made tortilla chips with salsa and bean dip, A spicy Mexican style chicken soup all complimentary. We ordered 8 fresh chilled oysters (the oysters were already pulled loose from the shell, (if you eat oysters then you know what i’m talking about) and a Hornado Carne asada burrito with sour cream and guacamole, all for $26 dollars, plus they give you complimentary cinnamon chips before they give you the incredible bill. Here is the address check em out:

517 South Spring Los Angeles, CA 90013

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