Paparazzi Attack Kanye West and others…

September 11th, 2008

Ok so Kayne Fucked up the paparazzi at the LAX airport, smashed the dudes camera all that and now they want to give him a felony for breaking the camera. Now its all over the news and hes like the most sinister person on the planet but lets not forget when a few other people got into it with the Pap’s Ye just did what others really want to do.


Toby McGuire:

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 Matthew McConaughey was surfing so Some kids in Malibu kicked some paparazzi ass just for being present on a public beach if you watch they assault the duded:

Britanny spears at 4:15 she snaps on them:

Lily Allen:

She performed at the Hammersmith Apollo before heading to The Wardour in Wardour Street for her aftershow party. But she was determined to keep the night going, so headed for some late-night refreshments at The Groucho Club in Dean Street. It was on her way there just before 2am that she decided to lunge for a female photographer and try to wrestle her camera from her.

Britney’s Mom Punches Paparazzi Camera:

Britney Spears mom, Lynne Spears, visually frustrated and upset punched a paparazzi video camera when he shoved it in her face. Momma Spears was on her way to the hospital to check on her daughter. Brit’s dad, Jamie, also told the cameraman what he thought of him.

Brittany spears body guard:

Eyewitnesses exclusively tell that Spears’ bodyguard Julio “JC” Camera roughed up a photographer outside the Wynn spa after an altercation over the photographer’s proximity to – and possible contact with – one of her children.

Ok need i say more, its about fucking time they get what they deserve, Fuck the Pap’s.

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