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Prep Jerks x Arize

If you dont know about Arize you most definitely need to step your internet game up. “Arize magazine embodies all things urban, spanning the gamut from music to entertainment to the lifestyles that surround it. Arize is a premier magazine cut from a unique cloth reflecting the variety and complexities of the urban culture and community. Arize Magazines’ focus is to entertain, inform, and uplift its readership while at the same time giving them what’s current, fresh, and hot!!! Arize will fill that void between all the other urban magazines that are already repeating each other…we bring you the in between…un-repetitive and always relevant” ARIZE ONLINE MAGAZINE

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Sito on March 28th 2009 in Fashions, Media, Random, WTF?

FUTURE 3 X THA LOCK Exclusive Performance

This show was meant to happen for me, first I tell my boys Q and Clip that I can’t make it to their first event because I have to work, weak sauce. So I show up to work but really not wanting to be there when all of a sudden I get a call on the radio that I have the option to leave early, that was all she wrote. I get back home my barber Jabari was in the house, I got a fresh cut, then proceeded to prepare for the show. To make a long story short the FUTURE 3 and THA LOCK killed the show, very diverse and energetic. I mean to be their first show I was blown away quite frankly. So check out the pictures from the event, the color photos are of Tha Lock and the B&W’s are The Future 3.

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Sito on March 27th 2009 in Art & Design, Day in L.A., Random, WTF?

Sunday Money Music Video by Custom Made

I am not going to lie, I don’t know these three MC’s but this song is hot check it out

Custom Made: The Lost Weekend “Sunday Money” from Evan Romoff on Vimeo

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Sito on March 26th 2009 in Fashions, Random


We are not apart of this Jerkin’ movement for the record. I have nothing against the dance but we are not associated with it.

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Sito on March 25th 2009 in Random

Just Kaws.

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Mitch on March 16th 2009 in Random


I went to this event at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on the 5th just a day after I broke my finger and got some cool shots of the event. If you performed and want pictures hit me at The event was pretty exciting for me, the crowd was a little older and had a different demographic of people in attendance. Most shows I go to are more of a hipster scene and this event had a little more “hood” to it but not in the negative connotation. Latino Hip Hop supporters were in the building along with a few asian peeps. The sets were really dope especially Berreta’s performance. He really put a lot of heart into his set and I was very impressed by him. He really brought a hip hop vibe to the scene with the B-boys, DJ’s and a live band rocking out, he really stepped it up. shout out to Omar I missed your set but dont trip I am going to be at the next one 20 min early
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Knitting Factory March 5th 2009

The pictures from the show will be up on Monday when I return from Oakland, stay tuned. SPLIFF people I got you they will be on around the same day…

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Sito on March 7th 2009 in Day in L.A.

Mickey Gets It In

Mickey Mouse gets served

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Sito on March 5th 2009 in Day in L.A., Random


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Mitch on March 3rd 2009 in Random

KANYE WEST | VH1 Storytellers

See you in my Nightmares


Being that I am an avid Ye fan I Wish I could have attended this event, how do you get tickets anyway?…. Well I am most definitely be attending the concert, tour dates anyone?