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Mitch on January 31st 2009 in Random



Here is the explanation of the cancellation on behalf of the promoters.

“Hey Sponsors,

I’ve been up all night sending emails and contacing everyone possible to get everything done.

Ivar cancelled on us, said they hadn’t been making money these past fridays and giving us a 15,000 bar guarantee isn’t bright on our part because we only made 2500 at the bar at the cabana club and had to come up with money to fulfill that guarantee.

Through conractual agreements with them, they’re cancellation does not obligate them to give me back my money for the original bar guarantee, so im already DEEP in the negative.

But I did make everything right for the sponsors. Jan 31st at the Palmer room there is a performance by El Prez and UNI (and a few other cats) as well as a party/industry mixer thrown together by,, and VIMBY. I was able lock down an agreement to have have everything transfered to that location and that date (which is just a day later).

Prep Jerks, you will still be able to set up at the venue early, and be apart of the give-a-ways for the guests for the event. There will also be photo ops with the performers as well as the exact media converage that was coming to the event the day prior (VIMBY, ThisisLaviecom,,, and many more).

ThisisLavie, you will still be able to interview the artists through out the night, as well as photo opportunities and video drops (with the artist saying your site name for you to use at your own discretion).

For those who turned in a guestlist…the guest list will be transfered over to the club, so tell your guest that the event will happen, just one day later (and the event now is 18+ so it can expand to a much wider audience).

Here is the flyer for the event made by VIMBY with all the info on it for those who have made facebooka dn myspace events:

I aplogize to all for the inconvience but believe me its not my fault, and im doing everything i can to make sure evryone gets everything they are promised. Sponsors, after the night is over..if there is any discrepencies, anything that you feel didnt go how you would’ve liked contact me and I will definitely give you a full refund..but believe me, this night will be just as big (maybe bigger now that UNI has been attached to it).

Thank you for your cooperation. Please respond when you can


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Sito on January 29th 2009 in Art & Design, Automotive, Day in L.A., Random

This Week Through Our Eyes

I don’t know what you did this week but Here are a few shots from my week so far, this month has been a rather eventful one. From the New Years kick back to the adventure to river side we have been on it all month and were just getting started, see you on the 30th Ivar…

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Sito on January 29th 2009 in Day in L.A., Fashions, Photography, WTF?

Camp Freddy “Rebel Yell” with Billy Idol

Just because..

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Mitch on January 25th 2009 in Random

The Promo Tee

We are working hard to give a little back, free promo tees will be thrown out at the Prep Jerks event at the Ivar on the 30th of January for E Mans birthday.

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Sito on January 24th 2009 in Random


My lil’ big homie Three-One-Zero just shot me a link to some new shit he did with U-N-I, El Prez, C-San & Casey Veggies called Run Son. Click the image above to give it a listen.

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Mitch on January 20th 2009 in Fashions, Random

Surprise Surprise!

Poppin’ bottles, and pourin’ up lots of Patron, be there!

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Mitch on January 20th 2009 in Random

Officially the 44th President

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Sito on January 20th 2009 in Random

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Mitch on January 19th 2009 in Random

Prep Jerks x ARIZE

We were just featured on a dope ass online magazine, click on the picture to view the entire interview.

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Sito on January 16th 2009 in Day in L.A., Random