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Makes me wish I never put my skates down.

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Mitch on November 28th 2008 in Random

LA Auto Show

So being the auto enthusiast that we are The Prep Jerks decided to attend the LA auto show. I’ll say that it was OK nothing really “wowed” me, and to top it off the 2010 Ford Mustang GT reveal had to be thee gayest shit I had seen to date. Yes I drive an ‘88 Mustang GT and yes I go hard for Ford but fuck. They had magnetic decal and snap on nonfunctional hood scoops on the damn car. Anyway here’s a few shots from the event, enjoy!

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Mitch on November 27th 2008 in Random


How to vote for our design:

Step 1: Click Here to join

Step 2: Check the email you provided to to activate your account.

Step 3: Click Here to vote for The Prep Jerks California Republic submission.

So the last shirt I posted didn’t do so well and was vetoed 2 days after being approved. Im willing to take that and keep pushing. Anyway this is doing well so keep voting. Just follow the instructions above, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mitch on November 27th 2008 in Random

Good Morning James

My good friend James came over to enjoy a little wine, Jack in the Box and Guitar Hero World Tour. His original plan was to come over, drink a little, eat, and leave. He changed his mind and slept at my house for the night… He should have stuck to his original plan.


Follow up: James went to pick a part later that day and bought new wheels and tires.


Sito on November 24th 2008 in Art & Design, Automotive, DIY, Fashions, Random


So the other day I got this brilliant idea to submit one of my recent designs to to see if it would get approved and possibly printed. Well I made it past step one, step two is to get all over our viewers to sign up for threadless and vote for it. Now you’re probably thinking why would I do this I don’t care if you win. Well for 1 you would be helping out a wonderful cause (The Prep Jerks) and 2 if the shirt gets printed you’ll be able to purchase it for the low low price of about $15.00. I mean come on that’s a steal, plus you get a really cool shirt. So sign up and vote for that shit!


Mitch on November 21st 2008 in Random

Why shit matters in Design.

Very interesting video on why shit matter in the Design Industry. I watched this and instantly agreed with 100% of the things that were said. This is probably why I’m always redesigning our logos and editing previous designs because I always end up finding little things that could have been done better. Anyway check it out, it’s really good shit.

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Mitch on November 20th 2008 in Random

De La Soul, Mos Def, Nas, Will.I.Am, Kanye West & Damon Albarn Freestyle Cypher At The G.O.O.D. Music After Party

I was over at my other favorite blog on the web (The Concrete Journal) and this video was posted so I checked it out. This is real Hip Hop, Break Beats and Freestyles. Its rare for so many legends to take the same stage in a real underground setting and just rock the party. I would have given my right arm to be there..Maybe not but I would have paid for tickets without hesitation.


Sito on November 20th 2008 in Media

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

Ken Block (the owner of DC shoes) goes insane in his 06 wrx st.

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Mitch on November 18th 2008 in Random

For The Record

With the previous post about “Everyone Know Us” I posted that shit simply because it’s left coast music. I will, however, say that I find it really senseless that nigga’s from one region will diss the very thing that represents them and where they come from. Like it or not hipsters, mohawks, and skinny jeans represent a part of LA life, even if it is a fad.

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Mitch on November 15th 2008 in Random

Everyone Know Us

Okay besides the fact that all this Hundreds shit is littered throughout the video the song is pretty dope. The only thing this track is missing is a verse from Three-One. Pretty cool shit though.

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Mitch on November 14th 2008 in Random