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Crystal Clear

I was browsing the inter-web and I found this picture. This is not photo shopped one bit, his eyes are sky blue. I have only seen one person with eyes this color and she was a deaf child. His name is Laren Galloway, there is a chance that he is deaf also. The doctor that commented on his photo said he might have Waardenburg Syndrome, usually associated with eye and hair pigment abnormalities and deafness. I found this to be so lame, like why can’t he just have dope ass eyes and knock the ladies dead. Since we have no hard evidence that he has this syndrome I will say he is a perfectly fine, so, Well here he is little blue eyed brother, Laren Galloway.

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Sito on October 30th 2008 in Photography


So 310 and I got hungry, but we didn’t have any money

not even $1 for the value meal!!.

So me and 310 looked in the fridge to find some shit to cook,

and we found this…….

and turned it into this lol…


BEazy21 on October 29th 2008 in Random

Shad: The Old Prince Still Lives at Home

Shadrach Kabango aka Shad K is this dope ass rapper out of London, Canada. I may be late but truth be told I could care less. This video (The Old Prince Still Lives at Home) is a throwback to the days of Skee-Lo and Positive K, this song from The Old Prince LP gets a hilarious video based on the classic DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince clip and Will Smith’s TV show.

More Info Here.

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Mitch on October 29th 2008 in Random

Thom Yorke

Upon browsing through my old thumb drive I found an illustration I made of Thom Yorke from “Radiohead” I’m pretty sure Weird Fishes Amplive Remix + THC had something to do with this. Any way it’ll probably never be used so I thought I’d share it with the viewers. Enjoy!

To view before image,
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Mitch on October 29th 2008 in Art & Design, WTF?

Wassuup 08′

I respect people with creative ideas that are relevant to life and, well, people. This is a cool video I watched and it was pretty moving.

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Sito on October 27th 2008 in Random


Meggs’ artwork reflects his background in graffiti art, illustration and design. The exploration of conscience, self-awareness, frustration and vulnerability are underlying themes throughout his work which challenge social ideals of morality and responsibility. Using references to his own childhood nostalgia and personal frustrations, Meggs juxtaposes pop-culture imagery and abstraction to create a collage of characters and an expression of emotion and movement.

“Meggs recently had a show out in Australia presented by Stussy and for many it was an introduction to a fantastic artist in the vein of Aaron Noble and Anthony Lister. Deconstructing comic book imagery seems to be in vogue right now and I am loving it.” – via Booooooom
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Mitch on October 23rd 2008 in Art & Design, Automotive

Election Time is Approaching

Man the election is coming up very soon, and the sample ballots are being mailed. I cannot help but get super excited when I look at the it, just imagine how I will feel with the real ballot in front of me. I hope you took the time to register to vote, because that ship has sailed.

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Sito on October 23rd 2008 in Art & Design, DIY, Day in L.A., Media



Name: Byron aka BEazy

Age: 21

Talents: Graphic Designer/ Photographer

Company’s: Girth Digital/ Prep Jerks

Note’s: If you need any photography, graphic design, or web design work hit me up at because anything you need we can do!!!

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BEazy21 on October 22nd 2008 in Random

“It’s funky, fresh and fabulous.”

That’s a comment from a friend of The Prep Jerks she came through and gave her honest on the new designs. This is why we do all the things that we do, we want people to come and get a breath of fresh air from our creative work (more like dizzles with some of our input). The network is getting so strong, Clip, Bret, Byron, Chuck, Lils, Gwen, Cleo, Ant, Dave, A-money, E Burns, Coline, and the list goes on and on (we are plugged). Oh and shout out to F-R-E-S-H from The Concrete Journal, you are a cool dude man on the real let me know when you are away from your busy life, I can get that red shirt to you with ease. Well from me to you, WELCOME to the new website and enjoy.

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Sito on October 21st 2008 in Random


Yeah finally, the upgrade is complete. New shit everywhere so browse around and check it out. This is only the beginning. There’s a lot more things to come. In the mean time go buy a shirt or 2, or 3!

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Mitch on October 21st 2008 in Random