Dont Trust LA Times.

April 12th, 2010

Although we have no control over the media and how they would like to display our company (Sophia Article on Jerkin’ style). We would like to say:

Dear Sophia Kercher, we are not an urban company and we do not understand the correlation between N.W.A. and the style of clothing we offer to consumers. There is nothing about Prep Jerks that resembles N.W.A or Urban wear except for one obvious assumption. Although your article did not profile us Per se, it does have similarities to articles written by journalists who have drawn a media driven misconception of Los Angeles street wear. If you would like to come and meet us in order to receive a different out look on who we are please feel free to contact me at F.Y.I no one uses the word “fly” to describe style in street wear.


Otis Collins

If you are coming to our site looking for the “Jerkin” image, you’re terribly confused and should navigate away from this site. We do not design or sell “jerk-wear”, I do apologize for the confusion caused by Sophia Kercher’s article. Her views do not reflect the views of Prep Jerks, Inc. or the LA Times. To our supporters, please email Sophia Kercher at and tell her who we are and what we’re about.

By: Sito

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