Sean Kingston tries to put chains rumors to rest

October 6th, 2008
Random, WTF?

Ok so Sean Kingston is sick of blogs (like ours) that post shit with false content. So here he is talking about the rumors and his up coming album.

I want to know where is the accent, and I don’t think this dude is going to do anything with thriller in mind. Thriller requires a few mandatory elements: 1: A fit, talented male lead singer (MJ) 2: A person who is capable of singing and dancing (MJ) 3: A classic time defying song (thriller), This guy has none of the above so I don’t think he will do anything like Thriller in his career. Not hating just stating….(pause for effect) the facts. If the rumors are so fake why did he not bring the chain with him to show off or buy a bigger chain?

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I love

September 6th, 2008

I swear I am posting this at 9:35 on the 5th and this crazy wordpress shit says its 12:30 am on the 6th… The proof:

I look for classic cars all the time on CL, wondering why people sale cars at the most outrages prices. I mean if you look right under the current post, the same car will be there for a fraction of the price and in better condition. I am like dude your a douche, no one is buying that shit, did you read other posts. Ok besides that, there is a part of craigslist that cracks me up its called the best of Craigslist, here is what i found today, this might be kinda mature but we are mostly adults.
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Texas Chupacabra?

August 18th, 2008

So this may or may not be new to some but I find this shit to be quite interesting. Apparently the video below is of this mythical beast known as the “Chupacabra”. Now this could be just an unknown species of some type of dog but who knows, shit looks weird to me but you can draw your own conclusion.

Posted By: Mitch